Volume 22 • Number 2 • April 15 – June 15, 15, 2013 • thekentuckyvoice@yahoo.com
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The Kentucky Voice is a monthly newspaper that serves primarily the western Kentucky area and bordering states. It focuses on positive and informative news about minorities, students, women and seniors. "Murray Voices," a section within the newspaper concentrates on student news and a younger demographic. The section "Murray Voices" does not reflect the views and opinions of publisher Kathryne Robinson, but of the people who wish to express themselves.

The newspaper now prints at the Murray Ledger & Times in Murray, Ky. Since Kentucky Voice publisher Kathryne Robinson began printing at the Murray Ledger & Times, she has doubled her print run from 500 to 1,000 copies. For the past 15 years, the newspaper has distributed at only a few locations in Paducah, Ky. With the increase of 500 more copies, it distributes in Murray, Ky as well.

Celebrating Black History Month: Kentucky’s monthly newspaper, "The Kentucky Voice"

By Rena Bradshaw
MURRAY, KY – Kathryne Robinson, publisher of The KY Voice Newspaper, a multi-cultural monthly community newspaper that focuses on good, positive and informative news has made its way to Murray as of June,2006. It also focuses on people, places and things of historical interest in order for cities to understand that it took all people to make up their rich history and by bringing it to the forefront can make a peaceful and productive city.

The newspaper will be celebrating it 16 birthday this April. And the first to be published by a Black American. For 15 years of its life this newspaper has been produced by Mayfield Messenger of Mayfield, KY. Now it is being published by the Murray Ledger Times. And produce by Tom Bell, who works at the newspaper. He and other students who either graduated from Murray College or still attend, now produce a section call Murray Voices.

Kathryne Robinson, who is the Publisher has joined the Chamber Of Commerce and has hired two people to circulate newspaper and find sponsors to help fray the cost of producing it. "I give all credit to God for allowing me be in circulation for 15 years. "I started this newspaper after being in a terrible accident that almost left me paralyzed. I did heal and went on to have two daughters. With these blessings I decided to quit working and focus on a new career that would revolved around me being a stay at home mom. I also have a twenty two year old son who lives in Murray and did attend the college. I use to sell ads for a radio station, and when my clients that had small businesses went out of business, I asked them what happen? They couldn't afford advertisement, so with this information and the need if I decided to start a business how would I afford to advertise. So God spoke to me about starting a newspaper that will deal with local interests, and work with small business owners on a budget that fits them so that they can afford advertisement. I also wanted a monthly newspaper, so people will treat it like a book and take their time to read it. It has been a journey, and has changed lives and helped small business owners and others who needed to get their information out there" said Robinson.

This newspaper is the new kid on the block in media. But it will serve a purpose just like the others, only in a more diverse manner. It does take a village to make a city, and to let all voices tell their story it will bring a better community of tolerance, acceptance and productivity.

This black history month, learned about the Black History and the History makers who brought history to this area. Local resident Virgil Boyd could help in this department. For more information on speaking to Kathryne Robinson call 270-448-0733

Reinette Jones, University of Kentucky Libraries writes:

Kathy Robinson came to Kentucky from St. Louis, Missouri, in 1983; she accompanied her sister, who was in the military and had been transferred to Paducah, KY. In 1988, Robinson wanted to sell music, but she recognized the need for a community news outlet; therefore she created The Kentucky Voice. The event marked the return of a newspaper that focused on the African American community in Paducah. Editor and publisher T. A. Lawrence had done the same in the 1920s, as had Pleasant A. Nichols in the late 1800s. The Kentucky Voice newspaper is published monthly, and home delivery is $1 per month. Thomas Bell takes care of the graphic design and production, and the newspaper is produced by the Murray Ledger & Times newspaper. Kathy Robinson is also head of the non-profit "The Genesis House: A Place for New Beginnings," an economic development and resource center. Robinson and her husband also own a beauty supply store, which allows them to continue their ministry. For more contact Kathy Robinson at The Kentucky Voice, P. O. Box 7514, Paducah, Kentucky 42002, (270) 448-0733.